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Just put a deposit for 2024 Sienna Platinum AWD in Blueprint (When it becomes available) @ TBD MSRP (No Markup)

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Hi All,

I was able to find a dealer that won't do markups. I tried a half dozen other dealers in Connecticut and everyone wanted $5k-$6k in markups. I will not be purchasing any vehicles from those dealers in the future...these greedy dealers are crazy. They are like those greedy people that were selling toilet paper and sanitizer for ridiculous prices during the pandemic.

Anywho, I put down a $500 deposit for a 2024 Sienna Platinum AWD with Entertainment System in Blueprint. The deal is at MSRP (whatever MSRP will end up being for the 2024 model), NO MARKUP. I don't need a new car until late fall so the dealer said no point in trying for a 2023 right now and lets get me into a 2024, since the timeline works better. Deposit is fully refundable UP TO when the actual allocation is confirmed and allocated to me.

If you're in the Connecticut area and looking for a good ethical dealer that will get you a car at MSRP, reach out to Manchester Lynch Toyota in CT and ask for Clayton Hickey.

Looking forward to getting the car and joining the club! Lots of good information on this forum. I've been wanting to get a minivan for a while now!
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Good luck!

Btw, if it's not a large volume dealer, you may have to be flexible with colors.

Also, inquire ahead of time for port-installed options like side moldings, fast charge cable, bumper applique etc. They could add up to a couple of thousand bucks!

Here's an example of what I am talking about. See window sticker for the following.
This is going to sound negative but I don't even care man. Be freaking thankful you didn't take that 24 in POS Blueprint man. This is hands down the most absolute garbage paint I have ever experienced on a new vehicle. I have to make sure no one accidentally even breathes to close to this van or I'm out there once again having to buff out yet another obvious scratch. I seriously wonder if this has to be some kind of crappy stressed out production issue going on here.

I planned on keeping this thing around 5 years and at this point If I keep it that long I'm afraid when I go to sell or trade it's going to look like I used the van to compete in a destruction derby or something. Since it looks like we're keeping the Sienna I already called my same sales guy and told him to just put me back on the list for any white xle, xse or limited he gets. I don't care what the latest markups are just get me the white.
I would suggest looking at Silvers too. IMHO, It hides dirt a little than white ones.

Btw, I am opposite of you when it comes to keeping cars looking nice and clean. That's whey I was looking for and luckily landed a silver.
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