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Just put a deposit for 2024 Sienna Platinum AWD in Blueprint (When it becomes available) @ TBD MSRP (No Markup)

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Hi All,

I was able to find a dealer that won't do markups. I tried a half dozen other dealers in Connecticut and everyone wanted $5k-$6k in markups. I will not be purchasing any vehicles from those dealers in the future...these greedy dealers are crazy. They are like those greedy people that were selling toilet paper and sanitizer for ridiculous prices during the pandemic.

Anywho, I put down a $500 deposit for a 2024 Sienna Platinum AWD with Entertainment System in Blueprint. The deal is at MSRP (whatever MSRP will end up being for the 2024 model), NO MARKUP. I don't need a new car until late fall so the dealer said no point in trying for a 2023 right now and lets get me into a 2024, since the timeline works better. Deposit is fully refundable UP TO when the actual allocation is confirmed and allocated to me.

If you're in the Connecticut area and looking for a good ethical dealer that will get you a car at MSRP, reach out to Manchester Lynch Toyota in CT and ask for Clayton Hickey.

Looking forward to getting the car and joining the club! Lots of good information on this forum. I've been wanting to get a minivan for a while now!
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I've also put down a couple of deposits with MSRP dealers last year. But I'm genuinely wondering if there are customers offering an extra K or two to nab one and getting to the top of the line. Would a dealer really turn down extra money? I'd love to know if MSRP dealers get just as many allocated to them vs. the greedy dealers. Do all customers have an equal shot no matter how much they are willing to pay? The logical me thinks not.
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