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Thanks. It is my 4th Sienna build so I learned a few things along the way. Main thing is that the Sienna makes an awesome camper. Haha
You're welcome.

And I can't wait to do my build. Hoping to start that shortly and have it ready for spring. In the past I've tent camped, upgraded to a pop-up, then a hardsided camper, then a bigger hardsided camper (29') when the previous one burned down in a barn fire. That one was WAY too big, but my ex really wanted it. I didn't enjoy towing it everywhere at 8 MPG, or trying to fit it into a state park campsite. Now that that's no more, I'm looking forward to a campervan. Somewhere warm, dry, and comfortable to sleep, but can fit anywhere the van can fit, and will get over 20 MPG. The big camper was only worth it if camping with other people when it was raining, cause you had some room inside for a bunch of people. But otherwise, when I'm camping, I want to be outside all the time except when I'm sleeping.

Anyway, thanks again for posting here. I appreciate seeing this for the ideas. My original thought was to leave my 3rd row seats installed, and allow the bed to move/fold so we could sit in the 3rd row, but that was nixed as I'm too tall to sit in the 3rd row (I'm 6'5", there's not enough headroom back there). But the sideways folding bed, like a futon, looks like it would fit me, and allow room to eat or watch a movie if we have a rainy day and don't want to be in the rain all day. No kids, but like you, I'll usually be camping with two people.
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