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Hey all -

My wife and I are consolidating vehicles. We have a Sienna, a Highlander and a Camry.

We don’t need three vehicles anymore so I’m def selling the Highlander (16) and considering trading the Sienna as well (15).

We figure we’ve got at least nine years left of needing a van before three of the kids are gone. That would put us in 2029.

The 15 Sienna is an AWD with 71k on it. It gets about 8-10,000 miles a year put on it. At that rate it would have 161k on it in 2029. I love Toyota’s and don’t doubt the drivetrain but will everything else last that long?

Do I buy a new one now or keep this one and possibly have to upgrade anyways in four or five more years?

Looking for feedback.
I have 169,000 on my 2004 Sienna. You could get that much on a 2015. Also realize that with one fewer vehicle, you will likely put more miles on it than your 8-10,000 estimate.
My advice is that cars are like wives: unless they're giving you troubles, it's cheaper to keep her.
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