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I did the tail light swap on my XLE last month. You can tap into the license plate lights but I decided to tap into the trailer hitch harness which already has power for the tail lights. It’s located in the same area as the spare tire and there are plenty of wiring diagrams on the internet for trailer hitch wiring. Then I fished the power lines up the rear quarter into the Sienna roof behind the end trim piece which comes off easily and finally through the right rubber boot into the hatch. I used T-taps to ‘bite’ into the trailer hitch wires and into the new center tail light wires so I didn’t have to find the connectors that fit. The OEM tail lights were the only thing that I didn’t like about my XLE. I really like the upgrade but I also found that the original tail lights seemed under lighted for a van. I feel safer with the new tail lights.
Sounds very resourceful and although it didn't make any sense to me as I am not that good with these things. Having said that, I totally agree, the lights are not adequate and LEDs should be standard at least on an XLE and above.
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