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Led's in the Footwell, Glove box etc - tap into cupholder or Dome light!!!!!

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Thinking of putting in footwell lights on a '12 XLE and was suggested to use tap into the cup holder so I decided to test it out.

Taking out the cup holder was easy, pulled straight up and it came out. There is a small LED inside that with two wires, Yellow (+12V) and Green (Ground). Disconnected the LED from tested an LED strip that I had laying around. Works fine. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

As far as putting lights in the foot well, glove box and other spots is concerned, its just a matter of laying wires, routing and connecting LED's, fuses etc.

The issue is that if I decide to use those wires, the footwell lights will always be ON when parking/HL turns on and I don't want that. I would prefer them to be ON when the doors open/unlock AND whenever I need to. I guess I can use a switch for the latter.

So how do I sync them with the doors without going to the dome lights.

Any pointers.
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On my Lexus, the footwell lights on when any door open or headlights on and dim when you put to D (drive). I wonder why there no light in glove box, is that cost Toyota too much or they so cheap?

I think there only 2 options:

Tap to the console wire light and you get the footwell on when doors open but off when driving.

Tap to the cup holder then you get the footwell on whenever headlight on.
Here are the pictures. You can see that in the last two ones, there are four tabs, two in each corner that hold the cupholder. You can tug on those, pulling it up straight and it comes out. The Led is shown in the other pictures.
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