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Looking for 2015 SE Headlights (w/ DRL LED strip) & Grill

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Hey everyone,
first thread on this forum. I've just recently purchased a 2015 Sienna LE, after my 2011 Sienna LE was written off back in 2012.
I really liked the aggressive look that the SE headlights gave, but the price range to upgrade from SE too LE was a little too much for my pocket. I was wondering where I could get just the OEM headlights and grill.
Thanks in advance
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I'm located up in Canada. I also have a united states shipping address? How much for the pair? Do they come with all the relays and instructions?
I'll take $850 plus shipping cost. Shipping might be a bit expensive due to the box size (2). If you have a 2015, these are probably plug and play for you.
Whats the lowest you'll go? What am I getting for $850. Also I can probably arrange for it to be shipped to a house in New York.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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