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looking for alternative 18" wheels

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I'm looking for a set of dedicated winter wheels and understand that our cars run a 5x114.3 pattern. Was wondering if there are any other aftermarket or other OEM wheels people have run successfully, since I understand the need for proper offset. FWIW, I'm currently running 19" SE wheels and don't particularly like how 'into the car' they look, I'd like something that had a slightly more aggressive offset.

LMK, what you guys recommend or have run...

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I downsized from the OEM Sienna Limited 18" wheels to OEM Sienna L/LE 17" wheels for use with winter tires - Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 in the 235/60-17 size that normally comes on the L/LE.

The refurbished 17" L/LE wheels were purchased from . The wheels are from Transwheel which is a subsidiary of the largest automotive part recycler in the U.S. The refurbished wheels arrived looking absolutely like new and still look like new going into their second winter - I mounted them last Friday. Refurbish L/LE and XLE were the same price but I prefer the simpler look of the L/LE wheels and think they are easier to keep clean in winter. The 5-spoke L/LE wheels also look somewhat like the 6-spoke SE wheels. I bought the WS80 tires and a set of tire pressure sensors from Costco during one of their $70/set off Bridgestone/Michelin promotions - I think one of those "sales" is going on now. I use an ATEQ Quickset to program TPMS ID's into the ECU's of our vehicles.

I downsized to 17" wheels for winter use since there is a much larger selection of 235/60-17 winter tires and they cost substantially less than 235/55-18" tires. And I wanted the WS80 which did not come in 18". And I wanted a cushier ride over winter potholes. I've been buying only Blizzak tires for our vehicles since 2003 and have been super happy with them. The WS80 was still the highest rated winter tire on the Tire Rack website when I checked a few days ago.

I'm through buying aftermarket wheels after damaging one I used with winter tires on a Lexus and then not being able to find a replacement.

The Sienna already has a freakin' wide track of 67.7 inches - 4.1 inches more than a Lexus LS460. IMO, the Sienna is already a PITA to park without increasing its track.
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