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looking for alternative 18" wheels

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I'm looking for a set of dedicated winter wheels and understand that our cars run a 5x114.3 pattern. Was wondering if there are any other aftermarket or other OEM wheels people have run successfully, since I understand the need for proper offset. FWIW, I'm currently running 19" SE wheels and don't particularly like how 'into the car' they look, I'd like something that had a slightly more aggressive offset.

LMK, what you guys recommend or have run...

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If I want to change my 19" to 18" rims, what size of the tires should I get? I know the 19" SE is running 235/50 -19. Do I need something like 235 /60 -18 to accommodate for the diameter and circumference? thanks
This should help you:

BTW, you will need 235/55/18
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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