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I'll be finally sterling up from my 2004 Caravan to a 2012 Sienna LE... I currently have Android Auto in my Trax and love it!

I have a number of projects that I want to complete over time to make the Sienna a mix of everything I have loved from previous vehicles, and try to accomplish them on a budget. I've been looking at posts all morning on here, and I'm becoming more excited with possibilities. I've listed below projects I would love to tackle...

1. Android Auto compatible HU... This is my number one project. I'm unsure if how to do it without the cost being low. I've contemplated using Openauto Pro with a pi and touchscreen in the dash, but I'm unsure of how the components would hook up. I would love the option of satellite radio, but it isn't necessary as I currently stream most of my music.

2. In car wifi. I need unlimited for road trips (three kids) I currently use mobile tethering via Netshare from my phone. I'd rather have a seamless experience like our Trax.

3. Emby server. We had a dvd player in our Caravan and the kids loved using it. I want to use a Pi 4 to act as either a separate hotspot, or connected to the car wifi to serve media to my kids' tablets.

4. Charging ports for the kids. I could run long cords through the vehicle for the kids to plug in their tablets, but I'd rather avoid having a mess of cables.

I'm going to have more evenings on my own soon (divorce) but I have my kids 50/50. I plan on taking them on adventures to places that we normally would never visit... More day trips are also in the works, so in car entertainment is a necessity for them to make it for hours in the car without asking "Are we there yet?"

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