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Looking to get our first Sienna, had some questions

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Hello! We are getting very close to needing to replace our aging Odyssey, and are looking at the Hybrid Siennas. Read some really good reviews and like the idea of saving some $$ on gas. Also read about different problems, of course, but seems like all the minivans have those.

We are going to buy used, and I'm trying to narrow down what I'm looking for. I started to read through the trim packages and had some questions. Looks like even the base packages will have a lot more tech than our current van, which is great. Does the LE not have power rear doors? I thought that would be standard but then it was listed under XLE as adding "Hands-free dual power sliding side doors". Also, do certain trim levels include rear passenger screens? We prefer not to have these.

Other than that, what trim packages would you definitely prefer or avoid? Also, any reasons to try and get a certain year, or all they all pretty consistent? I'm thinking my max would be about 50K miles, and then would hopefully be able to put 100k+ onto the van.

Sounds like I will need to find a new way to transport sheets of plywood since the middle seats don't remove. I was able to buy and install a trailer hitch for my Odyssey, should it be as easy with a Sienna? Then maybe I'll start looking into utility trailers...

Thanks for any and all shopping advice!
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Thanks all! Yes hoping to delay as much as possible just want to be ready if we need to buy all of a sudden.

Good to know about the seats. Anything of be missing out on with the LE other than comforts/upgraded things? Something that would make you definitely want a certain trim level?
My 0.02: If you have time now, put a refundable deposit for a unit with your must-have features at MSRP. It will be cheaper than buying used. Check sienna brochure for detailed feature explanation and trim comparison.
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