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Looking to Replace Broken Subwoofer on 06 Sienna with JBL Sound System

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I'm fairly new to subs and speakers so I am trying to figure out the correct ohm and rms power for the new sub. I'm not looking to replace the amp and upgrade the whole system, but am willing to spend more on a sub if it will have a noticeable impact on quality or loudness. At the moment I know I need an 8 inch sub and that the original amp doesn't have a very high power output, but that's about it. I've been looking at a few 4 ohm dvc subs but I'm not sure if that is the correct impedance and their power seems to be overkill for the current amp. Overall I just want a smooth working amp that doesn't fry any of the electronics, any increase in quality from the old sub would just be an added bonus. Thanks.
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You need to find out the RMS power output of the stock amp. Additionally the Ohms that the amp is rated for.

Then, you can match a sub to those stats.

One of the Skar subs should probably work. Make sure that if you buy dual voice coil, you are able to wire the two coils to get the Ohms that match the amp. For example, if your amp is 4 Ohm, do not buy a 4 Ohm dual voice coil sub. a 4 ohm DVC sub can be wired in 2 ways: series (8 Ohms), or paralell (2 Ohm).
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...I think it is a 2 Ohm sub but I don't know if it is dvc or not,...
#of voice coils doesn't matter. The Ohms do. Uninstall your sub and look at the magnet for a label with Ohms on it.

I doubt it is 2 Ohms, but that is based on opinion based on experience.
But, for instance if it's a 4 Ohm sub wouldn't the number of coils affect the resistance since it could be 2 or 8 Ohms if it's dvc or 4 Ohms if it's single right?
Dual 2
Dual 4
Single 4

Doesn't matter. All that matters is what the Ohms are in the end. If the magnet says 4 Ohms, then you can buy a single coil 4 Ohm, or a DVC 2 Ohm, or a DVC 8 Ohm(which I've never heard of).

Uninstall the sub, and report back.

I doubt Crutchfield has info on the stock components other than their size. I'd check with them anyways in case they do.
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