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Looking to replace DRL bulbs with something that matches my HIDs...

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I'm not a fan of the current DRL (daytime running lights) and was wondering what others have done to replace them?

I was considered LEDs, but don't really want to deal with resistors and was wondering if there's an 'in-built' solution or something that takes the current DRL and makes it look a bit better than what is there now. TIA
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Resistors are only needed for blinkers to prevent hyper blinking when switching to LEDs. I have LEDs in my highs with no issues. Then again, my highs aren't ran as DRLs. I have the LED strip at the bottom of my headlight.
Actually in the case of some vehicles the resistor ensure that the car's ECU correctly identifies that the LED is not a light which has gone out and is in fact active. I don't know how the Sienna does things, hence why I asked the question. If it's simply, plug and play, what kind of LED have folks used?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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