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Lose all propulsion when TRAC activated!!!!

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I'm driving 2012 Sienna LE AWD. We had what I would call a light snowfall last night - about 1.5". New all season tires with very good snow and wet traction ratings. The absolute WORST vehicle I have ever driven in the snow (50+ years experience). When does the AWD work? It NEVER even kicked in. What is with the entire drive train shutting down when the traction control kicks in? Felt like I lost all control of the vehicle! Thankfully there was no traffic when I pulled onto the road. Overall a horrifying experience.
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Turning off the TRAC may help, but you may have to watch it and turn it back on. Our 2018 turns it back on above 35 mph. I leave it on all the time because the 2018 appears to do fine.
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