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Loss of power at steep downhill exits.

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Anyone else lose power when exiting a steep driveway or ramp? It has happened 4x in nearly 10k miles on our 2021 XSE.

All times while exiting a business or driveway with a steep exit trying to accelerate into traffic and I have zero power for a few seconds. Almost as if the safety sense thinks the ground is an object.

I’m bringing it in just to document it as it’s a huge issue sitting dead in the water when trying to merge into traffic
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I had felt something like this a couple of times. I was turning sharp and fast from stops. I suspect it was roll-over protection kicking it. It wasn't long, may be a quarter second? But it felt long.
From my experience, if TSS kicks in, it usually has alerts or messages on the MID.

For my two somewhat similar experiences, I don't recall seeing any alerts.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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