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Loss of power at steep downhill exits.

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Anyone else lose power when exiting a steep driveway or ramp? It has happened 4x in nearly 10k miles on our 2021 XSE.

All times while exiting a business or driveway with a steep exit trying to accelerate into traffic and I have zero power for a few seconds. Almost as if the safety sense thinks the ground is an object.

I’m bringing it in just to document it as it’s a huge issue sitting dead in the water when trying to merge into traffic
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Not sure if the Sienna does it, but the Gen 2 & 3 Prius had a transaxle protection on loss of traction. It would cut power when you slipped even a little bit to keep the electric motors from applying too much torque. Are you stomping on the gas when this happens? Also FWD or AWD?
And it's not just the typical hybrid spool up lag? Are you in eco or normal/sport mode? That is strange, haven't experienced it yet but we don't have to many entrances/exits that steep in my area.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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