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Loud road noise- bad wheel bearing?

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2005 XLE Limited AWD: I have noticed that the road noise has gotten significantly worse in the last 6 months. I don't think it's the tires as they have been well inflated and still have about half their tread left. The noise gets very noticeable starting at 30 mph and gets louder with speed, and you can even feel the "grinding" vibration in the accelerator pedal and steering wheel. It's as though the bearings in the front wheels have lost their lubrication or something. I had an oil change and chassis lube done recently, no change. Any ideas what to look for or how to troubleshoot? I have the extended warranty, but my fear is that the dealer will say "that's just how it was made."
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My 2006 Limited AWD, with 47K miles on it, is in the shop right now to have the front left wheel bearing replaced. Awful grinding noise that the tech described as the typical "helicopter" sound of a bad wheel bearing. When they lifted the van and turned the wheel there was a grinding sound resonating to the spring.

I actually brought the van in to Toyota in November because of a noise present on the AWD (my wife´s DD) that I did not have on my 2006 Limited FWD. The Toyota shop tested it then but could not find anything wrong. When I then drove my wife´s AWD again a couple of weeks ago, I was stunned to find that the noise I heard back in November had increased. I found it to increase further putting the van into right hand turns (adding weight to the left front wheel), thus indicating a bad wheel bearing.

PS: Just picked it up. Drives like new and no noise!;D
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