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Lug nuts part 2

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So my wife, as I mentioned, took her Sienna in for an oil change at a dealership. There she was advised ‘all’ of the lug nuts had to be replaced at a cost of $80.00 total. I was nowhere near the area and it was made to sound. . .the situation was possibly dangerous if they weren’t all replaced. So being out of touch I told her to go ahead and get new ones. Is it just me or swollen lug nuts or even striped lug nuts isn’t that poor engineering on the manufacturer’s part. Like I said I have a 22 year old Ford Expedition and that we have had since day one with the same lug nuts. 235,000 miles on it. In fact on any vehicle I’ve ever owned I have never heard of replacing lug nuts! Only a Toyota. Sorry poor engineering. Really poor. And never leave a Sienna out so the doors ice up in winter. A rear hatch replacement of the motor, shocks and arms was over a $1,500.00 this past January. That was after I had removed the snow and ice build up off all the doors before attempting to open any of them.

Again poor engineering.

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Would like to add that I had 2 lug nuts crack at the bolt head due to corrosion. One was not visible due to the washer. The van is nearing 15 years old and almost 250K miles.

It's one of those overlooked things especially if you don't rotate tires yourself. These days I inspect the lug nuts every oil change.

They are cheap enough that one should replace them on an older, very high-mileage vehicle IMO.
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