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One thing i do not like about the design on the 2.5 hybrid engine is the way the oil pan drains on the side of the pan instead of directly below. This means heavier particles like metal bits end up still in the oil pan even if you do an oil change at 500 or 5000 miles. The best is to remove the oil pan or somehow find a way to suck the remaining oil from the oil pan. I am certain doing a standard oil change will still leave more than 50% of metal shavings inside the engine.

In my subaru FA24 engine i can remove the dipstick and suck the oil using a Mityvac fluid extractor. I wish i can do the same for the Toyota hybrid engine. Let me know if there is a similar way to do it for our Sienna.
I'm not sure what would be stopping you from using a fluid extractor via the dipstick tube on the Sienna the same as your Subaru. At 5k, I did exactly that (I had changed the oil and filter at 1k with the traditional method and then did only the oil at 5k and left the filter (M1)).
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