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Navigation system not working properly

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I have a 2007 Sienna.

A couple of days ago the Navigation system stopped working. It would come on for a little while . . .then stop working . .. then come on for a short while . . .then stop working again. It has been intermittent. My mechanic says there are no loose wiring connections and that it's the unit. I trust this guy but I went looking for other advice. It has been suggested that maybe it's the power supply.

Before I go and try to replace the unit, I'd like to make sure what the problem is. It's important not only for the GPS but it has the radio, CD and phone which I like.

Does anyone have a similar experience with the Navigation system cutting out intermittently? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hello IKaufman...can you tell me what dealership you went to? I've had the exact same issue as Sacto and the dealership that I visited want to charge $700 for the refurbished unit. Although that is better then the $2300 they told me a new unit would cost I woul like to see if there is another dealer where I can get it for a better price. Thank you!
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