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Navigation system not working properly

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I have a 2007 Sienna.

A couple of days ago the Navigation system stopped working. It would come on for a little while . . .then stop working . .. then come on for a short while . . .then stop working again. It has been intermittent. My mechanic says there are no loose wiring connections and that it's the unit. I trust this guy but I went looking for other advice. It has been suggested that maybe it's the power supply.

Before I go and try to replace the unit, I'd like to make sure what the problem is. It's important not only for the GPS but it has the radio, CD and phone which I like.

Does anyone have a similar experience with the Navigation system cutting out intermittently? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Did you ever get it figured? I have the same problem by the sounds of it, only mine doesn't come on and off. (well it did once after about a month after it stopped working). My screen is black and nothing works. At first I could hear clicking like it was loading CDs or something. The button backlighting would come on and off about every 5 seconds.

I took it to a factory stereo/navigation repair shop and they told me they cannot fix it. They said they had about 5 of them come in over the past three months (which suprises me there are not more complaints or answers on the forum). He said it is a problem with a chip on the main board which they narrowed down on the first one they got. He said Denso (the co. that makes the unit) will not sell them the chip or they would be able to repair the unit for under $300.

Frustraited I send an email to the president of Denso about the issue and asking for them to sell the part to the shop so I could get it repaired rather then shell out the $$$ for a new one. I only recieved an automated responce and not help.

I'm very upset with the quality of my Sienna since I'm facing over $4,500 in repairs for the luxury stuff. 2006 with 65K on the clock shouldn't have that many problems and of course it's out of warranty.

I did find a company in Southern California ( They told me there is a 70% chance based off of my description that they could fix it. I have yet to decide what I want to do with it. I came here to see if anyone here had any answers but this is the only thread I have found even discussing a navigation problem like mine.
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