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Need fog light guidance

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First off new to the site, thanks for being here.

ok, I have a '13 Sienna SE, my passenger side fog light broke and ended up inside the bumper. The chrome ring that surrounds the light has to be replaced but all the parts I see online have the extra piece (looks like a wing on a fly.) and all I need is the little ring. There's no place for the rest of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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If I understand correctly, you need part number 52712-08020 which is shown in the attached diagram.
Thanks for the quick reply! I couldn't word it right on google. But I know I can always get the answers in the forums! Thanks again!
Perfect. That's the part I need on mine as well. My front bumper was hit at the bottom passenger side and it cracked a little. The ring on mine was lost as well. Now I can see how much it'll cost to replace that.
Darn, I was quoted $123.70 for that plastic ring from the dealership. I guess I can live with it missing since the bumper itself has a slight crack as well just below it.
Thanks! I'll look into that. I find that parts cost a lot more from Toyota Canada.
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