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Needing to locate a drivers side mirror

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We have a 09 sienna XLE that someone hit us at night a little over a month ago on a country road when it was dark and kept on driving. We are needing to replace the driver side mirror thanks to the Good Lord above thats all the damage done was too the mirror. It popped the glass itself out and the glass got shattered pretty bad but, the actual piece which holds the mirror just has a scratch it didn't actually rip the whole mirror and all off. I am needing to know about the mirror does the XLE have heated mirrors this van does not indicate nothing much about heated mirrors as there is also no button inside that says anything about it like to turn them on. We however were told that this van had heated mirrors when we bought it used approaching right almost a year ago last year. We however noticed as well the glass has two little wires running to it that are hooked into something we for awhile have been driving the van as is we just manage to put the shattered glass piece back in just hard to see out of it. Dealer is wanting 281 alone for the mirror and saying around 100 more for an hour of labor to put it on. My questions are how hard is it to put these mirrors on yourself? If it is indeed a heated mirror can someone on this forum help us locate a correct mirror online for this van? We believe we can do better than 281 alone for those outside mirros like that. Sorry for long post any help is greatly appreciated
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I had to replace my left driver side mirror. Got one from Rockauto. It works, but in the wind on the hwy it vibrates.

I would suggest checking local wreckers using If you have an XLE it probably has a heated mirror.

Here is a video on replacement.

Regards, JC
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