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Net Hooks Removal

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I'm trying to remove the rear quarter trim panel in my '06 to run wiring for a hitch, camera and backup sensors. I removed the courtesy lamp and seat belt bolt. Can someone tell me how to remove the net hook? Does it unscrew or just pull out? I'd rather not break it. Once the net hooks are out it looks like, according the FSM posted here, the panel just pops off of 16 clips. Thanks. - Brian
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Thanks. I've seen the video before. You'll notice that the model he's working on has the speaker/woofer in the rear driver's side, and that the panel is 2 pieces with the bottom piece just below the hook. My model doesn't have the speaker and the panel is one solid unit, just like the passenger side in the video. Unfortunately, he doesn't show and doesn't look like he's removed the hook on the passenger side. He just pries that side back enough to feed the wiring.
There isn't a fastener inside those. They either twist and pull out or just pull out, I don't remember from doing mine when I put in the trailer wiring.
Or maybe the center pulls back to release it.
I can confirm that the hook pulls straight out by first pulling on the center; that should come out about 2mm and then the whole thing just comes out. I was wrong about the rear hook. It doesn't need to come out, but the one by the drivers-side sliding door does. I posting the rest of my mods to this van at
For those finding this, here's a YouTube video where the net hook is removed:

Now I'm off to the garage to yank that sucker out.
Thanks for the pdf and pictures. Install was easy enough. Hardest part was getting the cargo net holder out. I ended up just yanking mine out. So i suggest looking up the video o youtube. Even after taking it out, i still couldnnt seperate correctly. Followed the pdf directions and took about an 90 minutes. Make sure to remove any fasteners that didnt come out when pulling out the trims.
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