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I just got a new 2007 le with 124000 miles. I am thinking of doing the following maintenance and suggestions are welcome...
oil, filter
air filter
cabin filter
trans fluid
brake fluid change
power steering fluid change
new redesigned rack (mine is leaking)
new straight pipe vvti
serpentine belt, idler pulley, water pump
radiator flush, new hoses, new pink coolant
brakes front and back
is there a fuel filter?

Thanks guys for a great forum!

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Are you going on the assumption the van needs all of this? Any service history?
You don't mention the timing belt, this would of course be part of the water pump replacement.
Are you sure the steering rack is leaking or is the boot (passenger side) just torn? Mine has been torn for years but nothing is leaking from it.
Enjoy the van.

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2004-2006 = 3MZ-FE Engine = Timing Belt - 90K Mile Replacement
2007-2010 = 2GR-FE Engine = Timing Chain - No Scheduled Maintenance

Power Steering Rack - Siphon out the old fluid and put new stuff in there before switching out the rack. You may just have old fluid or the wrong kind in there. Keep an eye on the reservoir for a while afterwards and see if it's still leaking. I'd even recommend using power steering stop leak and see if you can save it.
Every 2nd gen sienna has a leaking OEM passenger side rack boot for a mysterious reason. Just replace the boot and watch your levels after getting new fluid in there.

Fuel Filter - No easily accessible filter. It's not something to replace as regular maintenance though, only if you're having a problem with it.

Straight Pipes - Only do this if you really dislike your town and neighbors due to the noise/pollution.

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I would not change plugs or hoses until 200K miles at earliest, they last forever. Skip the fuel filter.
Inspect the brakes and only replace if worn out, but do lube the slider pins.
Drain and refill the radiator when you do the water pump --or-- just inspect the water pump for signs of weeping and if OK, then just drain and fill the radiator.
Try what sideshowalan suggests about the rack.
Check with the dealer if the VVTI pipe is under recall and have them do it if so.
Do the rest.

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Only change the waterpump if it's leaking. Otherwise leave it in there. Your engine has a timing chain.

I would start with the basic stuff and then do other stuff later on.

Regards, JC.
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