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Hi everyone. Just bought an 08 Sienna for some traveling and garage saling. Been reading posts for weeks on different van forums before making a decision on which brand to buy. Well Toyota won (I hope I won). It seams every manufacturer has a percentage of owners that love them or hate them or swear off that company or think they should have been built different and on and on and on (specially dodge lol). Toyota seems to have the most satisfied customer base. The old saying no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners same holds true for cars in SOME cases. Some really are lemons!!! I always liked Toyota and delt with their quirks. Never had some of the problems others were having. Anyways I love the van. Took back seats out and put down plywood and carpet with lift up hatches and tie downs. Installed a rear view mirror back up cam. Brushed some grease on anything that could rust underneath and just got to know the vehicle. I fix my own cars so more I know the better. I changed vvti return hose with another hose. It had the upgraded hose w yellow stripe. Had 50k on hose and it looked fine. But I will replace with metal when I do serp belt in few years. I'll post pics of old yellow stripe hose in repair forum. I'm not a frequent poster just when I have something to share or need some info. Looking forward to Sienna ownership.
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