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Hello everyone,

just bought a very clean 2004 Sienna LE with 127k on it for a fair price at a dealer. I had an 03 Honda Pilot and had so many problems with it I gladly gave it the boot. The van is one-owner but the maintenance records don't show the timing belt ever being replaced so that is a priority.

How might one tell if it has been replaced? Any way to know by inspecting? I would hate to have it done again if it indeed did get replaced and not recorded on the carfax report.

What kind of quotes have people been getting for timing belt/water pump service?

Also, are the rear bay spark plugs difficult to change? I want to do them myself and change the ATF as I am not sure when it was last done either.

Any other things I should address (problem areas) for this year?

Thanks for your help.

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When I've replaced timing belts, most look new. For me, that's a good sign that tensioners are not worn.

Timing belts are tough. You might be able to tell if the water pump is aftermarket, maybe.. Honestly, if I buy used and I don't know for sure, I assume it wasn't done. It's just not worth the risk to me.

I usually try to get the price of a used vehicle down, if they can't show receipts for it being done recently. Some dealers will give you a discount on that service if you negotiate it before you buy it.
I'd change it if it were mine.
Alldata shows flat rate for my 2006 Sienna at 5.5 hours for waterpump R&R plus .3 for the crankseal R&R That might give you an idea if you add in parts. Shop rate here, last time I checked was $100 per hour.
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