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So I just purchased a 2005 Toyota Sienna LE with 119K Miles for $4500. The good is it just had the timing belt replaced and the thing drives like a dream compared to a piece of crap 2005 Town & Country I had before. The bad is it has cosmetic issues as well as some minor nuisances. One is that there is this rattle under the dash on the passenger side that is completely random. It mostly does it over bumps but doesn't do it on all bumps and even sometimes does it along with engine vibration. The rear heat isn't hot I've tried controlling it with the front knobs and the rear knobs and it doesn't change the temperature with either, it just has the 3 button 2 knob controls. The last thing is the power steering boot is torn on the passenger side, a common occurrence from what I've read, if the power steering is leaking it is leaking so little it isn't even noticeable because there are no drips in my driveway. The only button that works on the key fobs is the automatic door the lock unlock and panic don't work on either of my keys. They were dead for years so I don't know if that could cause anything. I've searched the forum but get so many results that don't relate to my problems so does anyone know where I should start on diagnosing my rattle and heat problems? I can handle the power steering boot and not having fobs, would like to be able to heat the back seats without burning up in the drivers seat and that rattle is driving me crazy! And yes I had the A/C off, and the heat in the back seat to floor.
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