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No high beams

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Curious if anyone had ideas on what could cause this. I recently bought an 08 LE in which everything works except the high beams.

When I pull back or push forward on the headlight control, I see the blue high beam light appear on the instrument panel but the actual bulb doesn't turn on. The low beams and turn signals work fine. I don't have DRL lights as best I can tell. There's no "auto" DRL toggle on the headlight control & the #2,#3,#4 DRL relays in the under hood fuse box are empty (hope that normal?)

No luck after replacing the bulbs and the fuses look ok. I heard the emergency parking brake might affect this, but when I push it on/off, it didn't turn the high beams on.

I've tackled some DIY repair (exhaust, radiator) before but haven't troubleshot anything electrical before. Some tips would be greatly appreciated!
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How about the simple explanations for high beam bulbs which don't come on, in any mode (DRL or not):
  • Are the bulbs burned out?
    • they are completely separate from the low beams, and the low beams stay on when the high beams are turned on, so someone driving only in city could go for a long time and not notice
  • Are the high beam fuses blown?
    • there is a separate fuse for each, used for nothing else so someone not using high beams would not notice

I'm not saying that it is one of these, but it makes sense to me to check the most obvious causes - and easiest to check - first.
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