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No high beams

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Curious if anyone had ideas on what could cause this. I recently bought an 08 LE in which everything works except the high beams.

When I pull back or push forward on the headlight control, I see the blue high beam light appear on the instrument panel but the actual bulb doesn't turn on. The low beams and turn signals work fine. I don't have DRL lights as best I can tell. There's no "auto" DRL toggle on the headlight control & the #2,#3,#4 DRL relays in the under hood fuse box are empty (hope that normal?)

No luck after replacing the bulbs and the fuses look ok. I heard the emergency parking brake might affect this, but when I push it on/off, it didn't turn the high beams on.

I've tackled some DIY repair (exhaust, radiator) before but haven't troubleshot anything electrical before. Some tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Looks that high beam doesn't work without DRL relays (at least No. 2, 3 and 4). See the wiring diagram in the file attached. It is from 2005 Sienna Repair manual (the download link is in my signature).


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