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No more black badging and 20" wheels standard for the 2022 XSE

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Hey guys I'm new here and was looking to purchase/book the new Sienna XSE AWD.
After building the van online and getting ready to take it to my local dealer to put a down payment for purchase I thought of going through the features, that's when I realized they did away with the black badging and the 20" dark wheels which in my opinion were the signature look for this trim.
Now thise features are available as options for an extra price. Not only that they increased the price of the van by $250 on the FWD, not sure how much on the AWD.
So if anyone out there is looking to get the new XSE Sienna and like the all black features and wheels make sure you read the details before you make the purchase.
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wow that seems strange- have you tried another dealer or do you have access to a credit union where you can talk to a fleet manager?
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