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Hello, I have a 2014 Sienna Limited with 122,xxx miles. New battery, starter, coils, plugs, ECM, and push start button.
A couple of months ago, van started not turning over at start. Instrument display wouldn’t light up and engine would just tick tick tick, but nothing. It would take several tries before all light would come up in instrument bezel and can would start.
One trip, we were driving at 35 mph and everything in the van just went dead. Like we passed through a EMP. No lights, no powersteering, or brake assist. Everything went dead. Had to put in park, continue to try several times to start back up, and finally got it.

Took it to dealership and they had it for four weeks testing every single wire from ECM. $1600 later, nothing had been fixed.
They claimed they thought it was a bad ECM, but were unable to replace until they checked all wires for shorts. They couldn’t find any issues after getting two “level four” techs to try and fix it.
I took van back and purchased a replacement ECM on my own, and programmed. It worked great for about a month. Now same issue.
Three days ago, driving at 25mph, van went completely dead with no power anywhere.
took several tries to get it to turn back on.
I will upload a video as well.
Please, does anyone know what this is and how to resolve?!?
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