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Do you like the Noble Brown interior color?

Noble Brown interior = ONLY choice on Sienna Platinum level...most expensive level and only one horrible interior choice

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Someone please tell me that the 2022 Siennas are going to offer a different interior color on the platinum level than just the Noble Brown. PLEASE!! It makes no sense that if you are willing to spend the most amount of money, and get the highest level, you only get one interior color choice. If you step down to the limited level and pay less, you get three interior color choices. How does that make sense? I’d love to know what designer decided that the noble brown color was actually attractive and would be a color that everyone would love and therefore the platinum level should only be offered in that color. SERIOUSLY, who thought that was a good idea?!?? I really want the platinum level but I really hate the brown interior color! I am praying that the 2022 Siennas offer anything other than that brown interior color for the platinum level! Does anyone know if that is going to change for next year??
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Color choices will always be personal, and it is strange Toyota limited the color on the top trim. On the other hand, just be glad you have that option at all. My wife loves that interior, and we can't get it at all in Canada. If you want to complain about lack of choices, check out our (lack of) options up north.
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