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Noise coming from blower motor control module resistor

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I started our 2008 Limited today and I heard a "whir, thunk, zip" sound that just kept cycling. I pressed the hvac button and still heard the sound. I lay down in the front passenger footwell and traced the continuous noise to the blow motor module resistor. When I put my hand on it, I could feel a vibration, like it is constantly working.

For the curious, the part looks like this

Product Technology Electronic device Magenta

The part felt slightly warm. I wouldn't say it was super hot, but then again the van hadn't been running long. We are taking a 2,000 (round trip) journey and I am wondering if this bad boy is going to start emitting smoke/smell when it finally dies? Should I try and get it fixed in the next few days? I do have the extended service plan and this part looks to be covered so I don't want to fix it myself. Furthermore, maybe there is something else malfunctioning in there? I don't even know if Toyota can fit me in the next few days.

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Well, I got to thinking about it and I think the actual problem is the HVAC recirculation mode door actuator also known as A/C Blend door. Makes more sense that this would be cycling.

I found this thread with a similar problem.
Update: Here is what it sounds like

I am, by no means, an expert, but I don't believe there are any moving parts in the resister. If you are feeling vibration, it likely coming from somewhere else (blower motor, mode actuator - listed above, etc).
87106-08060 servo sub-assembly. of course the driver's side is now doing the same thing. i guess both the shop and i missed it.
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