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Non-runflat tires: best upgrade since we had our 2011 sienna

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Installed a new set of Continental PureContact tires with EcoPlus Technology non-runflat tires.

The ride on our 2011 Sienna LE AWD is a dream. The ride was always a bit harsh and we figured they were due to the 18's but the reality were that the tires were heavy.
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The car feels a bit peppier and the ride is far more compliant over city streets. We stayed with the OE tire size and appreciate the car far more than the runflats. One minor caveat is the car does seem to be a few millimeters lower as the tires tend to sag a little. The psi from 31 - 35 to compensate. I'd encourage you to consider non-runflats when the time comes to change tires. It feels like a new van. As a matter of safety, we purchased a spare tire which will go into the trunk later this week. Thanks for reading.
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Run flats generally have stiff sidewall construction which attributes to the rough ride because there's little flex compared to non-run flats. It's almost like driving around with low profile tires. The ride may feel softer but you sacrifice handling a bit. Wheel sag is normal and adding PSI will reduce your tire longevity and reduce contact patch on the road. Just something to be mindful of.

Also because of construction of run flats vs econo tires, they are going to be lighter.
Hey i'm new to the site. I have a 13' sienna limited AWD I have Brigestone Driveguard tires do you think i should get Michelin tires instead? The ride right no is very harsh and stiff. Thanks
The run flats are harsh and noisy. We test drove Siennas with FWD and normal tires, very quiet. Our AWD has a lot of road noise from the tires.

Took mine on crusty snowy roads yesterday and was surprised at the noise, sounded like I was driving on broken glass. My 4Runner with all terrain tires does not make that much noise.

I'll keep them until replacement time, but will most likely not get run flats.
Plan to do the same with Michelin Defender LTX.
Haven't decide to hang a spare, or rely on AAA solely.
Some members had said they keep the spare at home for local driving and put the spare in the back for longer trips. Kind of a pain because it takes up space when you need it. That's most likely what I will do when it's time to replace tires.
hey so i have a 2013 sienna with brigestone tires. does your car only float when it full of people? seems like when thr car is full ofpeople it rides much smoother
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