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OEM Fit Fog Lights Installed - 2012 LE AWD

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Hi, just thought I'd share...

Finally got the aftermarket OEM fit fog lights from Kramer Accessories installed into my van. I think they turned out pretty good. Can't even tell they were aftermarket.

This is Before and After....
View attachment 5161 View attachment 5162

I also did 3000K HIDs in the fogs....
View attachment 5163

And I also did these DRLs......
View attachment 5164

If anyone is interested, I could post the steps we took to install the fogs in the DIY section.
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i can vouch for the kramer lights. i have the exact same ones on my LE. picked up a set with switch and wiring for $89.99. i paid a dealership $200 to install it though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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