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I have the OEM radio in my 2014 Sienna LE. Started having some issues recently.

  • Day before yesterday started van, and the VFD display was blank, but all the buttons were backlit.
    • After a minute or two it came on and radio worked normally.
  • Yesterday, driving to work, on startup, the display was blank, and the backlight for the buttons was flashing on and off.
    • After a few minutes the display came on and it started working
    • Later in the drive, the screen stayed on, but it started alternating the backlight of the display and buttons between dim (headlights on, which they were) and bright (headlights off)
  • Today, the screen didn't was blank
    • Oddly, it connected to my phone and played audio just fine still
    • None of the controls (power, volume, skip) on the radio worked, but the steering wheel volume and skip controls did work.
    • Display came on later, but none of the buttons on the radio continued working
With these symptoms, I think the radio itself is shot, but figured I'd post here in case anyone had had similar problems and something fixed it. I have planned to replace the radio with an aftermarket unit that supports Apple Carplay, but I wasn't quite ready to spend the money on that yet.

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If you do replace it look at Crutchfield. Never bought anything myself but have seen multiple threads where people did buy from them and are very happy. You tell them what you want your stereo to do and they will tell you what will work and even supply you with plug and play wire harnesses.
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