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OEM Radio question

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Hi there,
i have a 2005 Toyota Sienna CE AWD and the oem radio cannot read mp3 files but the 2006 sienna oem radio can and my local scrapyard has one available. The 2006 radio looks 100% like the one in my 2005. Do you think it will fit just plug & play and i will be able to listen to MP3 CD ?

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Com on guys, Even if you are not 100% sure give me your opinion.
I think it will if you have the same trim. I have a 06 XLE and it does play mp3s.
The important question will be the wiring behind the radio deck. The mp3 functionality is handled by the stereo itself and shouldn't be the reason for any wiring changes, unless speaker numbers wattage etc. are different. Are you able to pry open your 2005 stereo out of the dash? If so, you can easily check the difference.
If not, take measurements as much as you can on the front side, just so you the dimensions match. In your shoes, I'll get the 2006 radio from the scrapyard and take it to any credible audio guys around. Have them test if all the features work, before delving into the swap.

Sorry for the general type answer. I don't have the detailed knowledge on 2005 vs 2006.

PS. I have a bad habit of advising even when not asked. So here's my $0.02. You know, the mp3 capable CD playing ability is an attractive feature to have but you will very soon get over the added hassles of cutting mp3 CD's and the associated CD skips and jumps. The world has moved to bluetooth, internet audio and flash drives. Those are going to be aftermarket only features, but will perhaps give you a longer satisfaction period. If the 2006 OEM radio gives you the capability to play flash drives or auxiliary port, I would jump on it. If not, I will think again. There is an added question of how long do you intend to keep your 10-11 year old vehicle. I have had no problem hanging on to mine for good 15 years. If you are thinking of getting a newer vehicle soon, I would hold my nose.
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Thanks for your answer. I think the first step would be to compare the plugs..
I newer radio might be a good alternative too. Thanks again guys.
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