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Joining the chat to share about my old Sienna and to get advice....
Driving a 2002 Sienna LE (Purchased in 2003) ... Almost 300,000 miles and $$ on repairs since 2008..... It drives like a dream, with the exception of over bumpy areas and then not so smooth... The inside is almost as clean as a new van and the outside not too bad either.
Now, ABS and brake light on.. sensor has been changed... light still on ... taking it to a larger, more experienced auto shop in 4 days..
I have been looking around for another vehicle, but it is so daunting..
My favorite thing about this van are the comfort of the seats.. especially the velour fabric and how cushioned the seats are for long distance driving.
Why doesn't anyone ever mention these plush seats? They feel so soft and I can drive 10 hours with no problem.. Leather seats are cold in the winter and hot in the summer and so uncomfortable after even a 3 hour drive in a couple of vehicles including a new Acura SUV.
In the newer models, after 2003, they seem not to be as padded... and in the LE, the seats are automatic, so there is this plastic casing covering the front of the seat instead of just fabric.. and the L version just feels cheap.
I also like the thinner steering wheel, but all car dealerships seemed to have moved on from there.
I went to look at the 2021 Sienna and they changed the fabric to some kind of nylon, which is not preferable to me. Of course, it has more safety features, but it is harder to see out of the windows...because the large head restraints block some of the view...And I waited a few hours before going back to the dealership to ask to drive it and it had sold... Everyone is telling me that the inventory is low... both new and used..
Personally, I don't care about all of the technology. It would be nice to have better gas mileage, but is it true that for the hybrid, the battery has to be replaced every 5-7 years and costs thousands of dollars? If so, where is the savings?
I looked at a 2015 today ( drove 1 1/2 hours away to see it )and it was in decent shape, unlike some vans that seemed almost trashed after only a couple of years. It drove well, but the drivers arm rest was worn and had a hard edge feeling to it...not comfortable. And a light came on the dash showing maintenance needed... the salesman wanted a firm interest in buying before investigating it and said it was probably tire pressure... My response... "Wouldn't the tire pressure alert come on then?" He became annoyed and often spoke over me... I decided to keep on looking...
So much to consider....the newer models are bigger too, and I like the smaller size van so that is a compromise too...
I have even thought about another 2002 with low mileage... That sounds like maybe a money pit though. And I want a van for the space and long road trips.
Moving forward so many years is probably the right thing to do but so many compromises. I like the LE, V-6, FWD... and prefer the 7 passenger, but I think at some point, the 7 passenger is no longer available in FWD.
Any suggestions for best year newer than my beautiful but worn out 2002?
Is there anyone out there who shares my love for the fabric of the Sienna? ( not 2021)

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Welcome! i'm going to move your post to where it will be seen by others with your generation of van.
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