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Have you opted into Toyota Connected Services?

Opt in or out of Toyota Connected Services?

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So far I haven’t opted into Toyota Connected Services because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy to be able to track my location at all times. Am I overthinking it? What has been your experience with it- pros, cons, worthwhile?
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Too many times, my wife and I would forget to lock the doors and the Toyota app would alert me of this. And then I can lock it remotely without being anywhere near the car. My 1 year "trial" is almost up, so the remote connect service is the only one I will be subscribing to.
That is what we did. Not having small children now is there a way to turn off the "Check rear seat" reminder? I know it's a practical thing but not needed in our case.
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The last I have seen about this states that you must have at least one connected services subscription (or free trial) for the remote start from the fob to work. Many Siennas come with a 10 year free trial to Service Connect and that is sufficient for the remote start to work.
There is no remote start from the factory fob on our 2022 Platinum, only through the app. When you open the door the engine turns off. You then have to restart it. Our son's older Chevy has remote start from his fob, and when you get in the car it senses the fob and doesn't turn off.
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