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Have you opted into Toyota Connected Services?

Opt in or out of Toyota Connected Services?

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So far I haven’t opted into Toyota Connected Services because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy to be able to track my location at all times. Am I overthinking it? What has been your experience with it- pros, cons, worthwhile?
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The strange thing is when you lock from the app, you get a locked notification. Then a minute or so later, you get the additional check rear seat notification.
To my knowledge, this message is received from the app any time the rear sliding door(s) are opened prior to starting the car, but are not opened again after turning the car off and locking it, regardless whether locking from the app or fob. This is a setting under MID I think (child warning). It's a great feature/reminder for parents with young children to prevent tragedy, but can be annoying otherwise...
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