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Have you opted into Toyota Connected Services?

Opt in or out of Toyota Connected Services?

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So far I haven’t opted into Toyota Connected Services because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy to be able to track my location at all times. Am I overthinking it? What has been your experience with it- pros, cons, worthwhile?
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Great discussion, as I have not yet made the decision to opt in or opt out of this. Frankly, it "has to be worth it" or I wont give them my money. So far, I have not yet seen it to be that worthwhile to me. I agree, that Toyota has "hidden" the auto start feature by the fob without the subscription. And, that part I like. I mean, gee, pay for remote start if you like, but if you dont want to do that, push lock 3 times. I also agree about Toyota "monetizing" this, and not sure I like that at all. Didnt we already give Toyota "enough money" to suit them? Is Toyota a greedy Pig at the trough waiting to steal the food from all the other pigs?
Im not sure I follow the concept of "corporate greed", however. This presumes "individuals" dont posess corportate greed, but instead, only "company execs". That "corporate greed" comes from people with individual greed, and mostly all of us have it, to at least some degree. Did you "turn down your last pay raise" because you could get by without it? Probably not. You may have even asked for a raise, or, maybe even done things to deserve a raise.

"Greed" is not necessarily fully bad word. We own a Toyota, BECAUSE investors lined up, buying shares, which allowed Toyota to build incredible car factories to make our car. An individual is pretty much incapable of building such an automobile without some great help..and adequate financing. Pretty much EVERYTHING we own almost certainly comes from an investor owned company. Why? Because it works. People buy shares because they hope or expect to PROFIT from owning shares. They rarely purchase shares because they have empathy for the company and wish to donate their money to the cause. They have non profits for that purpose. Instead, they buy shares of Toyota or other companies because they expect to earn profits in increased share price or dividends. Many, if not most of us, use this in some form or another to provide our retirement, or education for our children or grand children. We can "store up" our labor (dollars) for use when we can no longer work, or we wish to pass our "stored labor" to our grandchildren or children or spouse. Its not "ugly" to want to provide ones own retirement (stored up labor dollars), often in the form of shares of one or more companies, rather than expect one's children to care for us when we age. In order to do that, we buy shares in companies we think has "growth potential". Or, we essentially pay others to make those decisions for us, by "putting money in a bank, insurance company, or mutual fund (etf). Money manages of banks, insurance companies, etc., take your money and invest it largely in shares of companies "they think" will grow for you..and charge you to do that, as some percentage of the growth.

We would not be able to buy a Toyota Sienna had it not been for investors who "had greed", expecting Toyota to profit for them. It takes thousands and thousands of people working together to build our car..all of which "have a job", in no small part because investors "took a chance" this car company will prosper and grow, and so will our money.

On the other hand, "generosity" is a concept that few fully grasp. It really is possible to do "greedy" with ones finances, yet be generous to family and or deserving strangers or friends. I dont really like the term "greed" with its negative influence, but rather, "wise use of what we have been given". My father earned less but had much more, because he had mastered wise use of what he had. Many people earn lots, yet have little, and my father taught me instead to earn less yet have more.

Dave Ramsey also pointed this out. I dont see it "evil" to amass wealth, but rather, evil to amass wealth and misuse, or squander that wealth on less than noble causes. Use your wealth to do good for others. We have many many people who "need" things, but few who "need" to help others. I love looking for others to help, not because I have amassed great wealth, but because I have managed well what I do have, so that I have some left over to bless others.
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