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Have you opted into Toyota Connected Services?

Opt in or out of Toyota Connected Services?

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So far I haven’t opted into Toyota Connected Services because I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy to be able to track my location at all times. Am I overthinking it? What has been your experience with it- pros, cons, worthwhile?
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The key fob remote start makes me wanna light the car on fire everytime I try to use it. So I just don't use it. I've been going out in my boxers in the freezing cold to start it every morning. Why do I still buy Toyotas?
Because while the gimmicks and nice to have tech gadgets sometimes get frustrating, the overall build is strong, safe, and far more reliable than all the others.
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Yea but almost every car manufacturer has free remote start except a few. Toyota, BMW and Mazda. All the domestics and Korean cars have them.

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