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Our 2007 Sienna XLE "Savannah"

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This is our 2007 Sienna XLE we affectionately call "Savannah" with photos taken near the lake on May Day 2008, a couple days after we bought her.

Sexy Savannah...

Even on a cloudy day, she looks hot!
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This was the color I wanted (similar to the ash blue mica from lexus) but got outvoted by the rest of the family :D
Nice ride jened!!
I like this color a lot! My favorites are Silver Pine Mica, Black, and Blizzard Pearl though.
Very nice and very clean!!
I really like your XLE. I so wish I'd gotten one, even a year older one than my '07. Power sliders would be nice.
Well, she got her nickname when we were traveling to the Carolinas for Thanksgiving. We were trying to find a good name for the voice on the nav, and hubby thought that it should be Vanessa and I liked Savannah (it's a van, after all... also van is nav backwards). As a compromise, he calls her Vanna, and I call her Savannah. She seems happy, regardless.

BTW, did you ever notice that there are two different female voices on the nav? At least on ours, we noticed two different voices and main voice sounds happier than the other one, which, if I remember right, does the voice recognition input. (After spending over 40 hours traveling, you tend to notice those things.)
Haha the Sienna is obviously sexy !
We all know Chuck Norris made it ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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