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P0012 code

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I just got this and no search comes up with anything in the gen 3 group. It did come on after a recent oil change.

1. Should I try another oil change?
2. Anyone have any good write ups on how to replace the oil control valve?
3. Any other ideas?
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My 2012 had that code last year. I checked the oil control valve screens, they were clear. Also changed the oil, still came back. Ended up replacing the oil control valve with a $20 one from Rock Auto, and that fixed it. Over 5k miles ago.
Do you have any pictures or advise on it? How long did it take?

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This is great! Thank you all.

And randomly the light is off now so I'm going to monitor the situation and be prepared for when it comes back.

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Mine just randomly went away just like it came on. I've since done another oil change and no light yet. I did buy the part just in case.

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