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Picking up sweet 07 AWD - should I do the following maintenance?

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Hi everyone. Glad to join the club. I'm picking up a 2007 Sienna AWD XLE Limited @ 105,000 miles.
First year with the 3.5L 2GR-FE engine. No accidents.

I have reconstructed some of the vehicle maintenance history.
1. I can see the 30k service was done.
2. I can see the oil cooler lines were replaced under warranty/recall @ 89,000 miles. No engine damage!
3. I can see driver-side sliding door motor/cable was replaced @ 93,000 miles. (nice)
4. Recently oil, tires, battery, engine air filter & HVAC cabin filters were changed.

I'm thinking to do the below proactively using genuine Toyota fluids ... do you agree? Advice?
1. Replace coolant.
2. Replace transmission fluid.
3. Replace brake fluid.
4. Replace rear differential oil /front differential oil / transfer case oil.
5. Retorque propeller shaft bolt.
(Also planning on Toyota OEM Spark Plugs @ 120,000 miles.)

I can't find mileage recommendations for #2 (trans fluid) or #3 (brake fluid) anywhere on the 2007 scheduled maintenance PDF (attached to this post).

Do #4 and #5 apply to my AWD 07 Sienna, and if so when are they "due" -- the attached manual is not as clear as I'd like.

I want this minivan to last forever, so I'd rather be proactive.

All advice gratefully received. Please, yak my ear off with advice, I want to hear it.
Scott (in Denver)


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I'd definitely do #1,#2, and #3. Toyota doesn't have a recommended mileage or time replacement for brake fluid and trans fluid, but they should IMO.
Thanks samilcar, I appreciate your reply, and it makes me confident to proceed on #1, #2, #3.

Does anyone have any wisdom on #4 and #5? I don't really understand if it applies to my AWD or not. Has anyone else done #4 and #5?
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