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Platinum allocated!

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After waiting since August, I’ve been allocated a plat ‘23 AWD in Hartford, Connecticut area (small dealer). They first allocated a pearl white but I was able to get it switched to a predawn mica gray. Inverter/digital rear view mirror included; and I’m about 1k over msrp—not too bad. I predict in a few months paying above MSRP will go away; it seems that waiting lists are getting less at least with the CT dealers I’ve spoken to.

Originally my dealer said ‘90% of plats will have wireless apple car play’ in 2023 according to a ‘Toyota regional trainer’ but I don’t see much evidence of that. Anyone know if it’s legit?

Debating whether to opt for the hitch or not or if it will actually interfere with the kick sensor; I know there’s a thread on that somewhere and I’ll research. This forum has been very helpful; thank you all for contributing!

PS- the 2024 grand Highlander’s infotainment system (with wireless apple car play and digital key) looks pretty nice and panoramic sunroof; I wish the Sienna had that.
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Any Connecticut dealers that can be recommended at MSRP? I've been with one in CT for nearly a year now, and the salesman NEVER gives me updates, nor picks up the phone nor returns my calls or emails. Worst salesman ever.
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