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Platinum allocated!

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After waiting since August, I’ve been allocated a plat ‘23 AWD in Hartford, Connecticut area (small dealer). They first allocated a pearl white but I was able to get it switched to a predawn mica gray. Inverter/digital rear view mirror included; and I’m about 1k over msrp—not too bad. I predict in a few months paying above MSRP will go away; it seems that waiting lists are getting less at least with the CT dealers I’ve spoken to.

Originally my dealer said ‘90% of plats will have wireless apple car play’ in 2023 according to a ‘Toyota regional trainer’ but I don’t see much evidence of that. Anyone know if it’s legit?

Debating whether to opt for the hitch or not or if it will actually interfere with the kick sensor; I know there’s a thread on that somewhere and I’ll research. This forum has been very helpful; thank you all for contributing!

PS- the 2024 grand Highlander’s infotainment system (with wireless apple car play and digital key) looks pretty nice and panoramic sunroof; I wish the Sienna had that.
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Do you mean the standard feature for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Sienna 2023(LE, XLE etc) is wired?

Yes, as far as I know.
I’ll also clarify that when my dealer told me that ‘23s would get the wireless, it was back in sept/oct/Nov (forget the exact time); I suspect that wasn’t true and will probably be in for the ‘24s
Follow up; my dealer said it should have wireless apple car play. That doesn’t seem in agreement to everything I’ve heard on this forum; so we’ll see. Once I get it in a month or two I’ll report back. But…I’m not getting my hopes up.
Good for you. I am in West Hartford, have been waiting since February 2022 for a black platinum from Middletown Toyota, who has not gotten a platinum in a year.

Middletown was good as they were at MSRP I think, but I’m pretty sure because of that they were slow to move with people that were at MSRP. Do go with a few dealers; Manchester was at one Plat every two months (according to them) and they had 5 people on the waitlist about two months ago. Plat production is picking up though. I bet with the Grand Highlander announcement, along with shifting interest rates, demand with subside…alittle.
Any Connecticut dealers that can be recommended at MSRP? I've been with one in CT for nearly a year now, and the salesman NEVER gives me updates, nor picks up the phone nor returns my calls or emails. Worst salesman ever.
There’s a few; I called about 8 and half were at MSRP (this was in August); I think Lynch of Manchester and Wallingford was at MSRP—but you’ll be waiting a bit. Simsbury dealer wanted 5k above; I negotiated to 2k over with Simmonizng (1k value) included.
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