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Platinum allocated!

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After waiting since August, I’ve been allocated a plat ‘23 AWD in Hartford, Connecticut area (small dealer). They first allocated a pearl white but I was able to get it switched to a predawn mica gray. Inverter/digital rear view mirror included; and I’m about 1k over msrp—not too bad. I predict in a few months paying above MSRP will go away; it seems that waiting lists are getting less at least with the CT dealers I’ve spoken to.

Originally my dealer said ‘90% of plats will have wireless apple car play’ in 2023 according to a ‘Toyota regional trainer’ but I don’t see much evidence of that. Anyone know if it’s legit?

Debating whether to opt for the hitch or not or if it will actually interfere with the kick sensor; I know there’s a thread on that somewhere and I’ll research. This forum has been very helpful; thank you all for contributing!

PS- the 2024 grand Highlander’s infotainment system (with wireless apple car play and digital key) looks pretty nice and panoramic sunroof; I wish the Sienna had that.
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My wife and I just picked up our new limited sienna on 2/10/23. We bought the limited because we wanted the 360 degree cameras when in reverse. The dealership confirmed that the limited had this. Well we found out at home that only the Platinum has the 360 camera. The limited only has a regular backup camera. We talked to the dealership later that night because we were unhappy about that. The dealership did respond back to us and are working on a compromise.
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