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Please help oem fog light kit wiring

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I have a 2015 Sienna E van. I bought the OEM Fog light kit, part number 00016-08401. All went well until I tried "tap" the wires. In the OEM kit there is a GREEN/ BLACK wire and a ORANGE/BLACK wire.

OK per the instructions, I "tap" the PINK wire located left side of the steering column, connector D19, pin 11 with the GREEN/ BLACK wire from the switch.

I then, "tap" the BROWN wire on the lower big connectors, located on the (inside kick panel ??) with the ORANGE/ BLACK wire. Problem the green light on the switch stays on all the time, lights off, keys out, doors closed. But push the switch and the fogs come on no matter what the headlights/ park lights are doing.

I screwed up, can anyone lead me in the right direction ??????
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WOW, I guess I am the only person that bought OEM..... LOL
Sounds like instead of taping into the light switch circuit, you may have tapped into a constant voltage wire. Unfortunately, I dont have a wiring diagram so Im not much help, but may be time to bring out a volt meter and checking your connections.
Well I give up, all my connections are correct as you really can't make a mistake with plug and play. The last two which are the tap one I can't get. It maybe because I have a 2015 and don't have the YELLOW with GREEN stripe wire.... who knows. The van is 4 days old and I don't feel like starting a fire so I have a 7AM appointment at Toyota in the AM. I have everything installed and the dash apart, all the tech has to do is the last two connections. Service counter man tells me hopefully 15 minutes/ $25.00, at this point money well spent.

Be Safe JIM
OK one word about Toyota's instructions...... CRAP !!! I could not get the fogs working because the wire colors/ position did not line up. Took it to Toyota, they said I had the wrong instructions, they got 2015 instructions and guess what... they also were wrong. After 3.5 hrs, a service tech from Orlando can over and connected the wires...... He said yeah the instructions suck. They put it all back together so I don't know how it was connected but if anyone else has the same problem, PM me and I will take a look, What a nightmare ..... glad its over and working. Be Safe JIM
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